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If fewer than half of http://foresthillmotel.com/luiswatsonbox/2016/12/08/helpful-advice-on-finding-aspects-for-qualification-for-cardiology the pirates agree with you, you die. How do you recommend apportioning the gold in such a way that you get a good share of the booty but still survive. Schmidt hemmed and hawed, asked for the question to be repeated, asked if he could ask clarifying questions and then came up with this answer: Lets do the mathif half die. No, if I die No, if they dont like me, I die. This is, like, a really bad question. … It seems to me that if more than half are happy, I survive. I propose, that we give 49% of the pirates stock in internet companies, and 51% get the gold.” browse this site Despite the kvetching and complaining about the question, he actually did come up with the “correct” answer, which is to give the pirates 51% of the gold and keep the other 49% forhimself. However, we’d argue that giving away 51% is still pretty risky depending on how many people in the crew there are. If a large crowd iseffectively sharing half the goldwhile the captain keepshalffor himself, that’s not exactly booty income equality and can lead no data to resentment. The crew may then be tempted to elect a captainthat promises to make the boat great again.

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